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There are 500 million blogs, there is one true ANTIblog.

We’ve developed the ANTIblog concept because we want change, and are fed up waiting for others to get around to it. Irish Buzz is a watershed, in the stream of which many will follow. It is the birth of a movement, founded on the ideas and principles laid down in The ANTIblog Manifesto.

Similar to the literary anti-hero, the ANTIblog is born of the dire need to reject the fake, turning away from plastic bloggers intent on filling the world with blah. Because enough is enough. Being these incredible units called ‘humans’, we’ve the ability to think much broader, approach ideas on a conceptual level. But in order to see you must first be able to look at the world correctly. The creators of Irish Buzz have learnt to look. We came equipped with the same components as any human, and are committed to encouraging other humans to look through the mire of blah.

Because if you can just trust yourself, trust your human genius, soon things don’t just flash before your eyes – you truly see them. You see that each thing isn’t simply a singular, fixed entity but a tiny microdot in the great interconnected web of the place we all inhabit: the infinite.

The ANTIblog wants to help people see that the ‘normal’ can be truly extraordinary and fulfilling. We’ve taken an accustomed subject matter, Irish foo and drink, and ran with it. Exploring wherever it takes us, always looking to coax the infinite from the realm of the conventional. Because in truth life is never flat, simple or static.

The world’s leading ANTIblog, Irish Buzz is is a food site. But it floats. And bites back.

Like morphing plasma, we started out settled, building up our solid mass. But then we twisted it, allowed it to ooze, inflated it and sent it up into the air. So that you, if you care to, can reach out, grasp, and join us in play.So stop by for recipes or pieces on Irish culture and cuisine, but if you want to scratch harder, you’ll find there’s more. We’ve put it there.

We had to. We saw the endless pile of bile flooding you the moment you opened a web page. And we couldn’t take it anymore. We just couldn’t take any of it. The throwing everything in your face, the trite nonsense, the unceasing spew of wasteful jargon-filler.

The flaunting of all that you are not but should, could, ought to be you. The “Hi, I’m Stacey watch me cook in my bikini, tell me how great I am” 23 Top Ways to Cook Lettuce.Irish Buzz is just us trying to do our bit.

The ANTIblog is our way of helping to turn the tide.