Category Irish Dishes

Recipes for delicious Irish dishes (ooh, that rhymes) of all shapes and ilks. Come dine with us, we’re having traditional Irish food made with compassion and humor.

Despite having to play second fiddle to its drunken bowsie of a table companion, traditional Irish food is alive and well. Irish dishes are hearty, sometimes dainty, and every now and again even a teensy bit raunchy.

And true Irish continue to hand down recipes through the generations. What has emerged over the centuries is a cuisine steeped in heritage and quality, where taste and practicality dance a lively jig.

Join us as we explore this vivacious show of Irish recipes, presenting the flavors and techniques that are the birthright of anyone Irish(esque). You’ll find the most succulent recipes for traditional Irish food delivered in a straightforward, humorous way.

This means we impart straightforward instruction for the most delicious Irish dishes. Be it simple potato and leek soup to kick off Sunday lunch or apple tart served up as the perfect Irish dessert during that special March festival.

Vegans and Vegetarians, we’ve got you covered, too. Wherever possible, our recipes have been fine-tuned or adapted to allow enjoyment of true Irish without the animal content.

And because cooking up a storm in the kitchen is just good old fashioned fun, we promise our recipes will always reflect this. They won’t be ordering you around the kitchen, they want to come and play with you. Human to human.

Let’s just have fun cooking together. Taking all the ingredients of this wondrous planet and getting our cook on!