Irish Buzz Mission

Irish Buzz Mission

Irish dishes. Irish drinks. Irish food traditions.

All done with true Irish style – and wit so lethal it’ll singe your eyebrows off.

The ANTIblog Revolution

Irish Buzz was founded not only to write about the rich food and drink culture of Ireland but to launch a new paradigm in the blogging space: the ANTIblog. This site, everything it encompasses and everything it represents, is based on the core ideas and principles laid down in The ANTIblog Manifesto. A quiet revolution has hereby begun.

We developed the new blogging paradigm because it was necessary. And from necessity, mothers invent. Cuddling feathery fledglings, so they can push from the nest proud predators ready to soar. We were also sick to the teeth with fake. All that plastic waste traditional blogs pump into our world.

We were especially sick of the Irish variant of the drivel. Winking porter beer and grinning Irish potatoes, with stereotypical green drunkards leaping about in the background. Because it’s all just rep. Nothing but. And we feel it doesn’t do justice to the Irish flower, nor its hard-earned place in the global meadow. It is the Irish Buzz mission to follow another approach, so as to help bring balance and overview to Irish cuisine, Irish culture, being Irish, and Irish beings.

Narrow focus, broad spectrum

Instead of using such tired, narrow approaches, we aim to cover Irish food and drink in its diverse multitude of forms and contexts. And we write with heart and sight, in line with the ANTIblog ethos. We write about food, we write about drink and we draw upon and link these topics with the rich pool of Irish culture and history running beneath. And it’s an especially exciting time to make these links. Because despite the renaissance of recent years, Irish food culture is still really only poking its tip out of the water, like an iceberg, or still waters running deep. There’s still a whole lot of exploring to be done.

We do not think being Irish is the only acceptable option. But we do think what Irish cuisine has to offer should be given fair consideration.

Let us show you the true spirit of what Irish food and drink bring to the world.

Irish food traditions, humbly explored

Join us as we explore all aspects of Irish food traditions, with genuine recipes, analysis and tales – much of which may well be unknown to many Irish. After that, we’ll leave it to you to decide all that Irish cuisine it is and isn’t. But do let what you see speak for itself.

We won’t mug you of your time and goodwill. We will just let the quality content flow. If we’re to bring an antidote to a world of trite blogging, we must do exactly that, do away with doting on the reader, and just keep it real.

Because let’s be serious, do bloggers typically have altruistic goals in mind? Or are they fawning?

We won’t pander.

We respect you, we see you are also a human of our tribe. Let’s just take a ride together.

We won’t:
• Post pictures of our kids and tell you what great moms we are;
• Bludgeon you with opinions until you cry (and click) out for mercy;
• Fill you with inane content not worth your visit.

We will: • Give you clear recipes for both Irish dishes and Irish drinks;
• Enhance your understanding of Irish food traditions and culture;
• Make you laugh and feel mischievous;
• Encourage you to examine what it is to eat, think, be.

Irish Buzz icon

Irish recipe guarantee

We believe in doing whatever is within your ability to do, and doing it well. Admittedly, we are also sometimes an unruly bunch and may run a bit wild, but we will never mess you around when it comes to recipes. You can rest assured that all the practical steps involved are genuine and entirely prank-free. Traditional recipes for Irish delights handed down from generation to generation are much too important to joke about.

We will inform, enlighten, and stir you. We might even berate, hound and harass you. But we will always be straight with you when it comes to making Irish. Just cut us some slack elsewhere – if you do, we promise to never bore!