Irish Jokes

Irish Jokes

Tapping into the lethal Irish wit at the core of the Irish Buzz project, we bring you in this section some of the best Irish jokes around. Because isn’t Irish humor truly one the things that makes the Irish who they are?

For better or worse, whether stemming from genuine awe or through finding a way to cope with the terrible, Irish humor is simply an integral part of the culture. And in truth any appreciation of Irish culture will fail if it isn’t informed by this essential element of the green soul.

So it is only natural that alongside our witty ANTIblog posts on Irish food, drink and Irish culture more generally, we should also serve some straight up, raw uncut Irish jokes. Adding that bit of spices to succulent Irish dishes just before serving. For to blast your lips off, piri piri-style.

Irish jokes for all occasions

Irish Jokes

The Irish jokes in this section range from gags on typically Irish situations, or topics close to the Irish soul – from puns about Wellington boots to horse jokes. They are Served up alongside witty Irish takes on human behavior more generally, and we also of course poke fun at a host of other (not specifically ‘Irish’) matters.

The great thing about this is it means you’ll have Irish jokes lined up and ready to go for each and every occasion. And enough ammunition to amaze and astound your colleagues, clan and chums all year round — not just during that special March festival. Whatever the future may hold, you’ll never be caught without a word of wit to utter on the matter at hand. Chortles and snickers guaranteed or your funny back.

Irish Humor updates

As part of the bigger Irish Humor section, this specialized Irish jokes section is dedicated to bringing you only true gems. And we’re constantly adding to the Irish Buzz repertoire, so you’ll surely be keep on your toes, checking the latest installment and rolling in the aisle (assuming you’re checking them on your phone at the back of the theater, or in the supermarket).

So stay tuned, even if by this stage you’re decidedly more crabby than cheery, slowly turning from civilian to cynical, and think you’ve heard them all before. Because we bet you haven’t!

Plus many of the jokes here are true originals dreamed up by the wacky minds of the Irish Buzz team. So your not hearing them before is, by definition, guaranteed! If there is any wit that can crack even the crankiest skeptic, it’s Irish wit.

The ULTIMATE Collection of Irish Jokes is here!!

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But before you head over there, let’s start off with a classic. The joke below is a taste of what you’ll find, and one that captures the essence of Irish humor.

Cathal & Cearbhall

Let’s get you CHUCKLING.
Here’s a zinger to get you started..

Stopped at Ellis Island, brothers Cathal and Cearbhall from the bogs of Connemara were asked their profession. “Pilit” replied Cathal in his thick brogue, to the border guard’s delight. “A pilot? We could certainly do need those. In you come, Sir”.

Delighted to see how easy it was going to be, on being asked the same question Cearbhall proudly answered “Cutit” and started to walk past the checkpoint. Who halted his progress. “What’s that?”, the guard asked.
“Well, dya kno’, like, I cut de turf. In de turf bog, like”.
Unimpressed, the border guard said he was afraid the USA did not have any such bogs and would therefore not be requiring his services.

Cearbhall stood scratching his head, finally responding,
“But you’re jus’ afta’ lettin’ Cathal in, why can’t I come in, too?”.
“Well, your brother is a different case. Aeronautics is a rapidly expanding field of enterprise and we sure could do with another pilot.”
Disbelieving of the man’s ignorance, Cearbhall shouted at the border guard:
“Sure how can he pile it if I don’t cut it!?

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