What’s Irish Buzz?

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What’s Irish Buzz?

Join a journey into the ether. Find the heart of an ancient people. Concise recipes for Irish dishes and Irish drinks that cut the time-wasting filler and will have you making true Irish gems in a jiffy. For cooks and creators of all calibers, guidance and buzzing is at hand. Whether you’re highly seasoned Dublin or far-flung looking for a taste of the green, we’ve got you covered.

But Irish Buzz not only brings the rich traditional food and drink of Ireland to a wide audience, it launches the blogging space’s new paradigm: the ANTIblog. Based on the ideas and principles laid down in The ANTIblog Manifesto, a movement is hereby born.

Irish dishes, the no nonsense variety

Ireland’s beverages have met with fame the world over, from flaming red ales and dark ruby stouts to distinctive ‘that-tastes-so-Irish!’ whiskies. But at Irish Buzz we take in hand Irish refreshments of all kinds. Traditional Irish food is given equal appreciation, as we delve into both Irish civilization’s liquid contributions and the fascinating yet often overlooked creature that is Irish cuisine. We also serve up playful social commentary – with a side of history and culture, as we explore the broader context of Irish food traditions.

Why Buzz?

We were just sick of the fake, plastic waste of the traditional blog, and all the shades of unnecessary and phony it pumps into our world. We were especially fed up with the Irish variant of the drivel. The same porter and potatoes. The sad little shamrocks with their petals drooping from fatigue; fighting leprechauns nearly all bounced out. It didn’t do justice to the Irish flower’s place in the global meadow.

So, we bid for change. Straight up, worthwhile content created for Homo sapien rather than zombie consumption. Delivered with hope and genuine compassion for the human lot.

Irish drinks, served straight up

On the whole, the thrust of Irish Buzz veers (marginally) towards the food side of things. After all, there can be an Irish story without drink, albeit a less boisterous one than than that recited thus far. But there is no Irish story without food. Alas, (wo)man lives not by (solid) bread alone, so we do also show you in our drinks section how to make the Irish liquid varieties.

Recipes Irish mixed drinks are sure to assist you in your exploration of the Druidic realm. And Irish saint celebrations are catered for by such delicious cringe concoctions as the Irish flag shot. Indeed, we don’t stop there. That’s just the front end, on the back end we get your down to some Irish moonshine distilling of your own. So get your copper coil ready, there’s a potent recipe for moonshine to be bootlegged in your bathtub (subject to licensing of said bootleg bathtub, of course).

What would the joy of making Irish be, if there’s wasn’t a bit of bedevilment to be had?

In typical fashion, we also provide insight into the role of Irish drinks in the broader story. With history and culture as our tools, this very particular relationship with Irish alcohol is explored. How did the Irish get so close with the fermented grain? Is this deep passion embedded in the Irish DNA? We search for that flowing font of illumination in topics such as the potent Irish liquor poteen and the dark Irish obsession that is Irish dark beer.

Alcohol free

But Ireland isn’t just about booze! And this is reflected in our balanced approach to Irish food and drink. We bring you recipes for all the best Irish dishes. Warm-me-up-I’m-frizzled Irish soups. Hearty Irish dinners made using beef and Irish potatoes or a delightfully old-fashioned liver and onions recipe. Salads of flowing green and super-duper scrumptious Irish desserts. It’s all there, accumulating in our (nearly entirely) alcohol free Irish Dishes section.

The booze is left father behind as we pump out exploratory pieces on Irish food history and the special relationship with food that Irish far and wide tend to have. Top among this side of the site is our epic expansion of the greatest Celtic romance of them all. That between Irish people and Irish potatoes. The article count for that one currently stands at four expansive pieces on this infamous lovers tryst. With more to come! Keep your eyes peeled and your spuds focused on our Irish potatoes section to not miss out on the next installment.

..Because Buzzeth we must

At Irish Buzz we aim to guide, we aim to uplift and give you the lowdown on all things culinarily Irish. But while our recipes are served straight up, without trickery, what would the joy of making Irish be, if there’s wasn’t a bit of bedevilment to be had? And what would an Irish Buzz be without a bit of buzzing?

So, don’t get your knickers in a twist should our words from time to time run astray: it was just going that way. Or our recipes fall into brogue every now and again: relax de cacks, ’tis de real ting, not that Brad Pitt bastardization bane.