Irish Desserts

Irish Desserts

Here you will find all the best Irish desserts, from homemade yogurt and ice cream to the ever so traditional tart Irish apple cake. Make sure to keep on eye on this page, we’ll be regularly adding recipes for dessert deliciousness as our Irish Buzz adventure emerges.

The Emerald Isle of course has a deep dairy tradition, and this is reflected in the recipes that have been handed down. But the Irish kitchen enjoys a wider range of desserts, many of them far from soothing creams and more in the direction of knock-your-socks-off-into-next-week sweet. Dip your spoon into a traditional strawberry mousse for an authentic taste of this side of things.

But compared to the sugar rush that has engulfed cuisine, other Irish desserts do tend to be more downtoned though. The were traditional recipes designed to take the monotony off a farming diet. A typical example of this is Goody, one of the weirdest Irish dishes, really, but tasty nonetheless. You boil bread in milk, add sugar and some spices. Then you pretend that your taste buds know exactly what type of food you’re eating. Irish dinner? Snack? Like many dishes, it came into existence through people simply making do with what they had.

St. Patrick’s Day Dessert Ideas

You’ll also find in this section great St. Patrick’s Day dessert ideas for when that special March festival comes around. But there are supreme Irish desserts for every month of the year, so why limit yourself? If you should feel like indulging in a cheeky bit of Irish alcohol and ice cream, for example, odds are it’ll go down easier in summer. Check out the all-conquering Irish Violet Crumble for a delicious dose of this kind of dessert fusion.

If both St. Patrick’s Day dessert ideas and the summer buzz are still many months away, we’ve also got you’re covered. For the deepest of winter, our spiked eggnog recipe makes an alcoholic wonder thick enough to eat with a spoon (and a heart full of seasonal cheer). A unique beverage-cum-dessert that’s a must for those who have tired of the same old recipes. Like the Violet Crumble shake, this whiskey eggnog is a bit of an oddity alright. But, hey, that’s the secret recipe for a buzzing life.

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