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Join us as we show you how to make great Irish drinks. As with our recipes for Irish dishes, there’ll be a little bit of humor and history thrown in, too. Drawing out the cultural context of your imbibing – all the better to wet your whistle! Add a bit of sparkle to your St. Patrick’s bash, or make your own special brew for washing down your traditional Irish food creations.

Expect to find not only recipes for great Irish mixed drinks but also for Irish shots and world-renowned Irish stouts and ales, too. Homebrewing is on the rise all over and we’ll bring you recipes for making your own in-house versions of great Irish beer.

As our recipe database expands, we’ll get in some of the lesser-known brews as well. The Irish pub is a dynamic and diversified place these days, riding the craft beer wave of recent decades. We’ll cover all the great tastes emerging from the island. And this goes for will brews that up until now have only been known inside Ireland, or in a particular region of Ireland.

With the increased demand for small batch brewing, ‘locals only’ microbrews are now reaching a wider Irish audience. But things of such beauty should be shared with the world. This is where we come in.

Don’t worry if you’ve never brewed before, for the unacquainted there’ll be a step-by-step guide to making your own, covering all the practicalities involved. Our recipes and know-how will soon have you enjoying the best of Irish far away from the pub.

We’ll do the same for the home distiller, with precise recipes and straightforward advice on the processes and equipment required. Under our tutelage, you’ll soon be getting calls at midnight from friends desperate for just another taste of that homemade whiskey you let them in on. Or ginheads who just haven’t been able to get that dry smack out of their mouth since last Saturday night. We’ll even cover poitín, that most sensationally arousing of Irish liquors, so potent it has spent most of its history either locked up on the Irish isle or banned by the British Crown.

While we promise to bring you the best of Irish alcohol, we want to be clear from the off: contrary to rampant stereotyping, Ireland isn’t just about booze. Honest! With this in mind, we also bring you concise recipes for those in search of their fix of the alcohol-free.

So expect to find recipes for all kinds of delectable refreshments that come without the alcohol. The Irish Isle has a number of seriously decent lemonades we’re particularly itching to turn our adequately-washed-in-preparation-for-creation hand to.